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Past “KnightZuri” Award Winners


Pedro Antonio , (Mexico) in recognition of his efforts in bringing the light of Freemasonry through his Spanish web presence http://hermano-pedro.8m.com/

Brother. Jeff Ballou, of Washington D.C. (USA), 2008. For his tireless efforts in bringing the Afro-American and Caucasian Grand Lodges together in D.C.


Tim Bryce ,(Florida, USA) For his his efforts of promoting universal masonry with his News Wire;  e-zine;  World Map of Freemasonry;  Proud To Be A Mason

Brother Jack Buta, of Arizona, (USA),2008, For his research into the Politics of Masonic Foreign Relations; http://www.freemasons-freemasonry.com/masonic_foreign_recognitions.html



Mike Butterfield, (Posthumously, from Kansas, USA) for his work as a founder and asst. Guardian of the Knights of Freemasonry Universal. In Memorial  

Norman E. Byrne, Past Grand Master of Masons of Ontario, Canada, 2001, for his work to further the recognition of the Prince Hall Masonry in Canada.


Cabell Flournoy Cobbs, Past Grand Master of Virginia, 2002 for his leadership in the Grand Lodge of Virginia becoming the first state/commonwealth from the historical Confederacy to recognize Prince Hall Masonry.


Dmitriy Denisov, Grand Master of Russia,2003, in recognition for his heroic efforts in establishing Freemasonry through out Russia.


Charles R. Dunning Jr., of Texas, 2001. in recognition of his Petition on religious inclusion, found on the internet at www.geocities.com/masonicinclusion .


Richard Evans, of Virginia,2003, in recognition of his efforts in bring universal light through the open Masonic e lists lunch and program [at Masonic Week D.C. USA].


Samir Victor Faran, of Israel, 2001, in recognition of his work promoting dialogue and relations between Jews and Arabs despite the ongoing violence in the Middle East.


Philip R. J. Fowler, , of Coimbatore, India,2006 United Grand Lodges of India, For his efforts in promoting Universality and his efforts in the Treaties of Amity with the National Grand Lodge of Portugal & the Grand Lodge of France.http://www.glui.org/united_gl.htm

Roald Atle Furre,of Norway, 2006 for his efforts in linking the Masonic World through the web site:


Bruno Gazzo, ,(of Italy) in recognition of his for all his work with Pietre-Stones& & the multi lingual newsletter.

John Kenneth Gibala, (Maryland, USA), 2003, for his Humanitarian efforts on behalf of Kofu's "Children's War Casualty Fund" and the support of The Global Medical Relief Fund. http://www.globmed.org & http://kofu33.org/children.htm


Juan Goldwaser, of Israel, 2001, also in recognition of his work maintaining fraternal harmony between Jewish and Arab Masons.


David L. Gray, of Ohio, 2003, in recognition of his work with the PHA Research list on computer, the Masonic Voice Magazine and the promotion of universal brotherhood.

Bill Gross, of Maryland,USA,2006 For his efforts in developing a relationship between the Phylaxis Society and the Maryland Masonic Research Society. His efforts have had a major impact upon the sharing of Masonic Light across various jurisdictions.


Tom Jackson , (Minnesota, USA) in recognition for his efforts to promote lodge planning web-ware for all to use [sponsored by the G.L. of Minnesota] at http://www.lodgebuilder.org

Brother Frank Haas, PGM, West Virginia [USA},2008, For his efforts in bringing enlightenment to the craft.


Alex J. Harris, of Alabama, 2001, in recognition of his efforts to promote Prince Hall recognition in the Grand Lodge of Alabama.


Josh Heller, (Pennsylvania, USA),2003, the founder, owner and moderator of the Masonic Light E-list ( www.masoniclight.org ) for his dedication to the universality of Freemasonry .


Kent William Henderson, (Australia),2003, in recognition of his many efforts in Masonic Education and Publication of "FREEMASONRY UNIVERSAL", A NEW GUIDE TO THE MASONIC WORLD http://www.geocities.com/kentgmp/index.html

Alberto Mansur, Brazil,2006 in recognition of his efforts to promote universality and his work and his efforts with Demolay.


Jeffery Marshall of Maryland, in recognition of his efforts in establishing a Masonic Study Club for all Masons no matter their recognitions, while on Military Duty in Bosnia.


William L. Mills III, (Past deputy Grand Master of North Carolina),2003, For his unswerving conviction to equal rights for all Freemasons. Convictions, that lead to his dismissal from the Grand Line, teaching us that Morality is more important than Politics.


Ignacio Gomez Monge, (WM Tijuana No. 206 , MRGL Valle de Mexico), 2003, In recognition of his efforts to bridge the recognition gap created by the Grand Lodge of California and his promotion of universal brotherhood.



Tony Pope , (Australia), in recognition of his efforts to promote universality and Prince Hall.

Brother Carlos Quintanilla Yerena, PGM Mexico city [Mexico] 2008.for his efforts to reunite Mexican Masonry.


Marcel L. Reed, 33*Southern Jurisdiction Prince Hall A.A.S.R. East Point, Georgia, 2002, For his superior dedication to the universality of Masonry, Youth, and Civic philanthropy.


Peter Renzland, of Canada,2003, in recognition for creation of the Harmony pin as his gift to universal Brotherhood. www.dancing .org/…/harmony/


Alton G. Roundtree, of Maryland, 2001, in recognition of the gift of the international magazine "The Masonic Globe." www.bluelightbooks.com



Leonard Y. Safrit, Jr., P.G.M. ,(North Carolina, USA) in recognition of his stand for the recognition of Prince Hall in his state.

Jerold J. Samet, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia, 2001, in recognition for establishing Sojourner-Kilwinning Lodge #1798. 1798 uses a different Ritual than most area lodges and is home to many Brother Masons who's ancestral homes included Ghana, Sierra Leone and Jamaica.


Michael L. Segall, of France, 2001, in recognition of his efforts to dispel myths about the Grand Lodge of France, and his work to attain full recognition of his Grand Lodge throughout the Masonic World.


Michel Singer, of France, 2003, in recognition of his endearing efforts to gain recognition for the Grand Lodge of France. http://kofu33.org/faqgldf.html


John E Smith, of California,2003, in recognition for his efforts in promoting Universal education through the sharing of Masonic Light and by bringing together Masonic groups.

Joe H. Snow, of Georgia, USA, 2006, in recognition for his efforts to promote Universality of Freemasonry between Afro-American and Caucasian Lodges.


Ron Tarullo, of Pennsylvania, USA, 2006 for giving us the dream of an International Masonic Center

Reverend Terry L. Tilton, Grand Master of Minnesota, 2003, in recognition of his moral leadership and his dedication to Universality in Freemasonry.


Willie L. Williams, Grand Master PHA Georgia,2003, In recognition for taking the initiative in requesting recognition of his Grand Lodge from some 50 different jurisdictions.


John Ward Worlein, of Austin Minnesota, 2002,for his travels, research and dedication to true brotherhood in his support of recognition for the Grand Lodge of France.



Benjamin B French Lodge #15, of Washington D.C., 2001, in collective recognition of being the first American Lodge to conduct a Masonic Feast and Forum allowing international questions via the internet.


Halcyon Lodge of Ohio [USA],2008, For putting the 'free' back into Freemasonry. http://www.halcyontemple.org/


La Fraternidad Lodge #62 of Tel Aviv, Israel, 2002,as the first Spanish-speaking lodge established in Israel. It has promoted the integration of persons from Latin-America, Spain, and the Middle East. Developed close contacts with Israeli Arab masons, and a strong educational program, it has produced several Masonic authors. And inspired the creation of other Spanish-speaking Lodges.


Masonic Relief for Cuba, of Canada & Costa Rica, 2006 for showing true Masonic Brotherhood by providing medical / humanitarian aid and relief to our Lodges in Cuba.

The Grand Lodges of Michigan, [Both the Afro-American/PHA and the Caucasian/Mainstream Grand Lodges]2003 in collective recognition for holding a joint first degree.


Sri Brahadeeswara Lodge Research Circle, Chenni, India 2003For giving us the Masonicpaedia.org, http://www.masonicpaedia.org/


And as always;

The Unknown Builder, whose diligence + devotion is masked by the soundless tools of the craft. We are eternally grateful.


And last, but far from least, The Great Families and Friends without whose support these masons could not stand.



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