The Marshall Masonic Military Model


The Problem:

Currently some Masonic Grand Lodges have not met the needs of all masons, and often pursue policies of self segregation.

Grand Lodges & Lodges of Caucasian, Afro-American, Hispanic & Female Masonry have not yet opened diplomatic relations

between themselves.

Grand Lodges continue to seek representation of Freemasonry in the military even with these exclusionary practices.

As a result; some Commanders have restricted or banned the practice of Freemasonry from their bases.

Just recently, a charter issued by the Grand Lodge of North Caroline for soldiers in Iraq was returned.


The Solution:


Bro. & Col. Jeff Marshall, while serving in Bosnia 1n 2000, introduced what has become known as the “M4 “or

“The Marshall Masonic Military Model”.



The meetings were simply called, “a Masonic Study Club”.

The Club was deemed “an open meeting”

[In Masonic terms this allows anyone to attend, including those without diplomatic ties & even non-masons]

The format of the meeting was in the form of a Masonic table Lodge.

Masonic education was plentiful and the camaraderie high!