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Welcome to the home page of the Knights of Freemasonry Universal.

This logo unites the square and compass with certain emblems and symbols that together express a vision for Universal Freemasonry.  At the hub of the compass is a representation of the globe, blue and framed by olive branches.  Though this emblem is usually associated with the United Nations, in this case it does not imply any specific political position or goals. This emblem is here employed to remind us that the jurisdictions of our great fraternity span the planet, offering the blessings of brotherhood to all, regardless of their national origin. The olive branches signify our hopes for a universal peace, a time when the virtues of Masonry will be the standard in all human affairs. The color blue represents our union of faith in the Great Architect of the Universe, and our loyalty to one another. Upon the arms of the compass are four characters from the universal language of mathematics, reminding us of those concepts and constants that may inspire reverent minds to discern in Nature the intelligence and handiwork of the Great Architect of the Universe.  Upon the square are set seven symbols, each an emblem of one of the world's great religions, set within a circle bordered by parallel lines.  While each represents a unique expression of humanity's search for meaning in life and a deeper relationship with the Divine, collectively they signify our commitment to be square with one another, maintaining justice and equality for every brother regardless of religious preferences. Within the square and compass are four human hands, of different shades, joined in a figure of right angles, parallels and perpendiculars.  This image reminds us that we should be united by the strong bond of brotherly love and affection that, when truly felt and expressed, embraces and yet transcends racial and ethnic differences.

A Knight of Freemasonry Universal is a Mason who actively champions the causes represented by this sign.  Like the knight in ancient orders of chivalry, a Knight of Freemasonry Universal is dedicated to a cause beyond self, and is willing to make great sacrifices in the fulfillment of a just cause.  In addition to the obligations of a Master Mason, the Knight of Freemasonry Universal is bound to the ideals expressed in Anderson's Constitutions of 1723, making the hand of fraternity available to all who are good and true, honorable and honest, affirming that it is the internal and not the external qualities by which one becomes a Mason, and therefore practices equal regard for every race, creed or color.  The soul of a Knight of Freemasonry Universal is resolved to labor for the complete establishment of Masonry as a center of union, and the means of conciliating true friendship among persons that may have remained at a perpetual distance.

The Knights Of Freemasonry Universal was formed with the dream of "True" Masonic Tolerance.

"It is the internal, not the external."

Be it culture, race, religion, sex, or social order; all have an equal claim on our kind offices.

Do good unto all!

To achieve this lofty goal:

    • We will promote and provide international recognition through or Knight Zuri program.
    • With your support, we hope to make financial support available to worthy projects.
    • We provide support, friendship and brotherly love through our kofu33 e-list.

Please get to know us by browsing our web site.


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