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What Does KOFU stand for?

Knights of Freemasonry Universal


Why Freemasonry?

KOFU was founded by Freemasons and operates using Masonic philosophy.


Who can belong?

KOFU  invites all good people from around the world to be a member, without regard to your race, religion. culture, social order, sex, or affiliations.


How are you organized?

KOFU has a Board of Directors (the executive board) A founding Advisory Board.  At its head is  “The Guardian.”


How do I become a Mason?

KOFU does not make masons or hold Masonic Communion   You will need to contact a Lodge in your area. [ We will be glad to assist you in making contact.]


What do you do?

Kofu is a chartable, educational organization which promotes Universality. If you are looking for a social organization you will not find it here!


Do you wish to see all of Masonry the same?

No! By universal, we mean the unity of diversity.  "Though all things differ, all agree" Alexander Pope.


When do you meet?

Meetings are incidental to our purposes.  Most business is conducted over electronic media.  Public communication is through press releases.  Please feel free to join our e-mail list.


What are your activities?

  • KOFU  sponsors: E-mail list that can be joined by anyone. (Follow the links on our web page.)

  • Children’s War Casualty Fund.  For those around the world that are victims of land mines and other horrors of war + nature.

  • Annual Awards [Knightzuri]: Recognizing those around the world who have shown special dedication to the promotion of Universality, peace and/or humanitarian projects.


When did you start?

Founders Day is celebrated as: 01-01-01 (01 January, 2001)


Are you a non-profit, tax exempt?

Yes, as described under 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.

Knights Of Freemasonry Universal, Inc.
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Md., 21009 USA
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Knights Of Freemasonry Universal is a non-profit (501c3) independent Order, non affiliated with any Masonic Grand Lodge, body or jurisdiction, and the opinions exposed here are those of the Directors of the organization.

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