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Mike Butterfield, deceased [ks.usa];
Ben Barksdale [ga. usa]
Galen Brooks [va.usa];
Dave Daugherty [mo,va&md,usa];
Wallace Mcleod [tor.can];
Mike Segall[paris fr];
Leon Zeldis [t.v. isrl]

Executive Board:

Dave Daugherty, Chair
Rashied K. Sharrieff-Al-Bey, vchair
Ken Gibala, childrens fund coordinator
Galen Brooks, council
Ernest Lissabet
Jeff Marshall
Alton Roundtree

Other Officers:

Ron Tarullo, Tres.[PA]
Diane Moffat, Sec. [OH]

Fernando Doylet Auson, Spanish Attaché [Davie FL]
Tom Goeller, German Attaché [Berlin]
Michel Singer, French Attaché [Paris]
Ruben Toledo,Portugues Attaché [Florida]

Byron Hams, webmaster[English] [kc mo]



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