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The Knights of Freemasonry Universal

Providing Free Transportation to Free Medical care for:
Young Victims of Land mines and other Horrors of War + Nature.

The Global Medical Relief Fund (GMRF) is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to bring hope and life to the children around the world who have lost limbs from, either the atrocities of war, a national disaster or to illness.

The GMRF travels to countries where there is need, and arranges transportation to the United States for prosthetic devices, medical and surgical care for the child’s injuries.

We provide housing and all fundamental services for the child from arrival in he United States and throughout convalescence, rehabilitation and recovery.

We have been making a difference since 1997. We have endeavored to give back to children, one by one, what has been so unfairly taken away from them by the consequences mentioned above. The children may not be fully physically restored, but they do regain self-sufficiency and the optimism of youth for the future. Our family, of those that have been aided, now numbers almost two dozen children. They have not only gained from our country, physically and mentally, but these young souls have become ambassadors for America, reflecting our nation's generosity, as well as it's ingenuity, freedom and opportunity.

$750 sponsors a child

$1,500 sponsors a family

Also supporting Project Life: A War Orphan Rehabilitation Program

Donations of any amount are welcome from Individuals, groups, or companies

Write your tax deductible donation + send to:

Children’s Fund
740 Lucky Ave.
Abingdon, Md.  20817

or you can use PayPal by clicking below.

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