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International Awards Announced

Alexandria, VA. February 10, 2011: Today the Knights of Freemasonry Universal announced the following recognition awards for outstanding Masons of 2011.

In keeping with the organization's mission to promote, educate, and research Universality in Freemasonry, those here recognized have taken courageous steps to promote brotherhood and understanding within the Masonic Fraternity.
Each will hold the Title of KnightZuri, the word Zuri being Swahili for good and beautiful.


The new honorees are:


Brother Fernando Doylet Auson, of Davie, Florida, in recognition of his tireless efforts in bridging the Spanish speaking Masonic world with the English speaking.Masonric world.


Brother Charles Bernard Jameux, of Paris, France. For his instrumental efforts in helping to create the United Grand Lodges of Europe.


Brother Derek Gordon, of Oklahoma, previously of Arkansas, for reminding us that regardless of what anyone says, Freemasonry resides deep in each mans heart. Thanks for


Our Group awards goes to:


Chesapeake lodge #48 and Susquehanna Lodge #130 (Havre de Grace, Maryland, USA) in recognition of their promotion of Brotherhood between Afro-American and Caucasian Freemasonry.


As Always: to the Unknown Builder, whose diligence + devotion is masked by the soundless tools of the craft. We are eternally grateful.


And last, but far from least, the great families and friends, without whose support, these Masons could not stand.

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